World Hypertension Day, 17th May 2023

Hypertension is mankind’s commonest disease afflicting 30 to 50% of world population. It is the most important cause for Heart attack and brain strokes, heart failure and kidney failure. Measuring blood pressure is one of the easiest tests but a vast majority of population has never checked their BP. Controlling BP can mitigate almost all of the risk. It is a life style disease caused by obesity, mental stress, increased salt intake and lack of exercise. Controlling these risk factors can prevent hypertension and reduce the need for medications. Measuring and controlling BP is an easy way to increase your life span. Today the Cardiology Society of India (CSI) Telangana Chapter in association with Sri Sri Holistic Hospitals established a permanent BP measuring kiosk for the Public at Botanical Gardens, Kondapur, Hyderabad. Speaking on the occasion, the president of Telangana CSI, Dr V S Ramchandra, spoke on the importance of life style in controlling BP.

The CSI All India President Dr. P.C. Rath spoke on the importance of measuring BP regularly. Dr V Pratap Reddy, Chairman, TS Forest Development Corporation Ltd. stressed that prevention is better than cure. Dr. G. Chandrasekar Reddy IFS, Vice Chairman & Managing Director, TS Forest Development Corporation Ltd. said that parks are the super specialty hospitals for the general public. Sri Arekapudi Gandhi, MLA, Serilingampally and Govt. Whip said that health needs to be given top priority. Dr. Tripti Deb, Vice President, Dr. Bharath Vijay Purohit, General Secretary, Dr. Srikanth Yerram, Jt. Secretary, Dr. AShitosh Kumar and Dr. Nitin Rao, Executive Members, Dr. P. Badari Narayana, Consultant, Apollo Hospitals and Dr. P.Subba Rao, Medical Director, Sri Sri Holistic Hospitals has participated in the event. A Health Camp is organised at Cyberabad Police Commissionerate on this Occasion. Dr V S Ramchandra, Chairman, CSI Telangana Chapter has given a talk on “Measure Your Blood Pressure Accurately, Control It, Live Longer”. Several Police personnel has attended the meeting.

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